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Running Linux on Sparc hardware

I have a SunFire V210 laying around, which i bought in order to learn Solaris and get accustomed to it's hardware platform.

Now i need to move a personal project from it's current server to another one and i though that i might put to use the Sun server to use. It turns out that not that many people run Linux on the Sparc architecture and some things that i expected to work (like software raid) turned out to be complicated to set up.

Linux Distribution - basically you have two options if you're looking for an up to date and maintained distro: Debian or Gentoo . When i first installed this server (few months ago) Squeeze was not out and because i was looking for something which has newer software i decided to go with Gentoo despite the fact that i don't like compiling everything over and over and over again.

Linux Software Raid - there isn't a good place to find relevant information so i had to read a lot through discussion lists, forums and blogs until i got it working as expected ; after i finished my setup Debian Squeeze was released and the installer does help a lot.